Tuesday, November 30, 2010

World Statistics Day 2010

On 20 October 2010, the World celebrated the first World Statistics Day to raise awareness of the many achievements of official statistics premised on the core values of service, integrity and professionalism.  In this context, the MPL released a Special Commemorative Cover to mark this event, affixed with 2 stamps of the Dodo series (2007).

In July 1945, the Statistical Bureau was created in Mauritius, on 7 April 1951 the Statistics Act 1951 came into force and in January 2010, Mauritius became the first country to ratify the African Charter of Statistics.

The message of the UN Secretary-General for this auspicious event is as follows:

"Let us make this historic event a success by acknowledging and celebrating the role of statistics in the social and economic development of our societies and by dedicating further efforts and resources to strengthening national statistical capacity."
 Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary-General
 Letter to World Leaders, July 2010

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