Friday, November 26, 2010

Shanghai Expo 2010

The Mauritius Post Ltd issued a commemorative stamp of denomination Rs30 on 20 August 2010 to mark the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai (01 May - 31 October).

Mauritius' participation in the Expo was built around the concept Mauritius: a City State, and aimed at showcasing the country's strategic location, its economic vibrancy, modernity, environmental consciousness, harmounious blend of cultures, artistic and cultural heritage and natural beauty.

The Mauritian Pavilion features a verandah house (maison créole), with a map of Mauritius on the floor with various geographical landmarks and symbols representing the different aspects and sectors of the country.

The stamp depicts the Two Pence Blue Post Office Mauritius, famously known as the Blue Penny Stamp, considered as a gem in the world of philately.  The original stamp was issued in 1847, Mauritius thus becoming the 5th country in the world to have issued postage stamps.

The FDC features the logo of the World Expo 2010 which represents the Chinese character 世, which means 'world', modified to represent 3 people together with the 2010 date.

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