Thursday, July 26, 2012

Railway Branch Lines in Taiwan

Chunghwa Post released a set of five stamps on 12 November 2011 to mark the construction of new branch lines, following the reopening of some railway lines as heritage railways.  The above stamps illustrate:
NT$5 (right) - Shalun Branch Line
NT$5 (middle) - Jiji Branch Line
NT$12 (left) - Neiwan Branch Line

The last two stamps of this set represent Liujia Branch Line (NT$12) and Pingxi Branch Line (NT$15).

For further information on these stamps and these railway branch lines, click here.

Nice rubber stamps were also applied on the verso of this cover at Taipei Songshan Airport (臺北松山機場), officially known as Taipei International Airport.

Thank you very much James!

Mailing date: 21 NOV 2011
Delivery date: 30 NOV 2011

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