Saturday, July 14, 2012

Prominent People in Indonesia

Thank you Irene for this nice cover from the city of Malang.  She used two stamps released on August 17, 2011 and depicting two prominent Indonesian personalities. 

- Dr. Mohammad Natsir [1/2 - left]
Dr Mohammad Natsir (1908-1993) is a Indonesian leader in the arena of politics and state affairs.  The peak of Natsir's political career occurred when he was appointed as Prime Minister of Indonesia.  In the New Order era, Natsir helped in the process of restoring diplomatic relationships with Malaysia, Japan, and several countries in the Middle East.

- Sutomo (Bung Tomo) [2/2 - right]
Sutomo (1920-1981) also known as Bung Tomo is best known for his role as an Indonesian military leader during the Indonesian National Revolution against The Netherlands.  He Played a central role in the Battle of Surabaya when the British attacked the city in October and November 1945.

Irene also franked her letter with a stamp released on August 14, 2011 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Indonesian Scouts.  The stamp (1/3) features the artwork of the Class A Winner of the 2010 Indonesia Stamp Design Contest.

Mailing date: 29 SEP 2011
Delivery date: 22 OCT 2011

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