Saturday, December 25, 2010

Old Chimneys of Mauritius

On September17, 1999, the Mauritius Postal Services issued a set of 4 postage stamps on the theme "Old Chimneys of Mauritius".

Re1 - Alma chimney

Rs2 - Antoinette chimney

Rs5 - Belle Mare chimney

Rs7 - Grande Rosalie chimney

The FDC features the Beau Séjour chimney.

A splendid miniature sheet including the 4 stamps was also issued.


  1. Hello!
    I am interested in “DEER” as philatelic topic (The genteel deer of elegant branchy horns). The coat of arms of Mauritius has a deer. Many stamps of Mauritius show the image of the coat of arms. I am looking for a stamp collector who wishes to exchange Venezuelan stamps in exchange for mint stamps and covers from Mauritius.
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  3. Thanks! I sent you an e-mail.
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