Monday, December 20, 2010

2009 Anniversaries & Events

The Mauritius Post issued a set of 4 postage stamps on November 30, 2009 on the theme "Anniversaries and Events".  

Rs7 - Centenary Celebration of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, founded on 8th December 1908.

Rs14 - Birth Centenary of Dr. Kissoonsingh Hazareesingh (1909-1993), an accomplished intellectual.

Rs20 - Bicentenary of the Capture of Rodrigues Island by the British (1809-2009).  Rodrigues was officially proclaimed a British possession by Lt Colonel Henry Keating on the 5th of August 1809.

Rs21 - Birth Centenary of Teeluckpersad Callychurn,  former Postmaster General.

The FDC illustrates an ox-driven cart transporting sugar canes in the early 19 century.  Paul Edmond Icery (1824-1883), a great Mauritian scientist is universally recognised for having devised the process of converting raw sugar with the addition of mono sulfate of lime.

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