Saturday, December 24, 2011

Travel in Taiwan!

So as to provide its customers with more design options, Chunghwa Post released a set of stamps on September 27, 2011 centering on travel in Taiwan with ten designs, with each of the designs depicting a famous scenic spot of Taiwan thus taking us on a round-the-island tour, and printed in two denominations: NT$3.5 and NT$5.

Thank you James for the nice FDC above, affixed with five of the ten NT$5 stamps.  From left to right:

- Love River in Kaohsiung.  After an environmental restoration, Love River has become a new spotlighted feature of the city. Th e dragon boat races held during the Dragon Boat Festival captures perfectly the passion and energy of southern Taiwan.

- Kenting.  Kenting is a hot tourist destination in the summer.  Lazily sunbathing under the blue sky or sitting under an umbrella is a perfect way to enjoy a hot summer day on the beach.

- The Liushidan Mountain.  The yellow sea of daylilies there creates a mystical Shangri-La in Hualian.  The stamp depicts a plainly dressed farming woman happily and diligently picking daylily flowers.

- The Taroko National Park. The Park offers a treasure chest of geological resources.  Two visitors joyously gesturing on a winding trail while marveling at the craftsmanship of Mother Nature.

- Jiufen.  To enjoy a drizzling day in this mountain town is to sip tea in a tea house while gazing upon tourists strolling down the quaint street outside. ;-)

Mailing date: October 1, 2011
Delivery date: October 11, 2011

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