Monday, December 5, 2011

Modern Art from Taiwan

ChungHwa Post issued on August 9, 2010 a set of 2 se-tenant gutter pair stamps portraying contemporary Taiwanese paintings.  James kindly affixed the stamps on the cover above posted from Taipei... thank you by the way! ><

The NT$5 stamp depicts Tsai Yun-yan (1908-1977) Bamboo Grove in Early Summer.  Bamboo Grove in Early Summer depicts the lush scenery of a bamboo grove with layers of bamboo overlaid with the foliage of a giant elephant’s ear and a loquat tree.  A bird perches on a branch of tree bringing a greater sense of vivacity to the painting.

Pear Espalier (NT$25) by Lu Yun-sheng (1913-1968) depicts the scene of a pear tree in full bloom and laden with fruits.

Mailing date: 16.08.2011
Delivery date: 25.08.2011

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