Monday, May 9, 2011

Green Living in Hong Kong

In order to promote the concept of 'Green Living', i.e. conserving energy and reducing emission so as to protect our home planet, Hongkong Post issued on April 14, 2011 a set of 4 stamps.  The $3 stamp above calls us to save energy.  In fact, there are numerous ways to save energy: turning on the lights only when needed, switching to energy-saving light bulbs and keeping the doors and windows closed when the air-conditioning is on are some examples.

The $1,40, $2,40 and $5 stamps are about Conserving Water, Cleaning Air and Recycling respectively.  It should be noted that the leaf-shaped design of the $5 stamp sheetlet, the first of its kind to be released by HK Post, echoes with the theme of green living and conveys the message of cherishing the Earth.  Special thanks to Trudy for this inspiring FDC.

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