Friday, August 7, 2015

Inauguration of D'Epinay Post Office

On 28 June 1990, the Posts and Telegraphs Department of Mauritius released a Special Cover to mark the inauguration of a new Post Office in D'Epinay, a village in the north west of the island.

According to the 25th Anniversary of the Mauritius Philatelic Society Souvenir Magazine (2015: 102), a Post Office was first opened in D'Epinay on December 1, 1951. It was then closed in 1954.

On 28 June 1990 though, a new Post Office was inaugurated; it is still in service today.

D'Epinay is named after Adrien D'Epinay (1794-1839), a French lawyer and politician born in Mauritius, then Isle de France.

Technical Details:

Release date: 28 June 1990

40c - Sir Aneerood Jugnauth at desk
          From the '60th Anniversary of Prime Minister Sir Aneerood Jugnauth' issue of 29 March 1990

60c - Pierre Poivre and the Nutmeg Tree (Muscadier)
         From the 'History of Mauritius' definitive issue of 12 March 1978

Rs4 - Fern Tree
         From the 'Protection of the Environment' definitive issue of 11 March 1989

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