Wednesday, July 15, 2015

50th Anniversary of the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (1964-2014)

The Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) in collaboration with the Mauritius Post released on 8 June 2014 a Special Commemorative Cover to mark their 50th anniversary.

The MBC is the national public broadcaster of the Republic of Mauritius, i.e. the islands of Mauritius, Rodrigues and Agaléga. It was established a a body corporate under Act No.7 of 1964, and operates under the aegis of the Prime Minister's Office.

The headquarters of the MBC was traditionally at 1, Louis Pasteur Street, Forest Side, Curepipe until all staffs and equipments were moved in 2011 to new headquarters in Moka.  The MBC also operates a station in Rodrigues.

The MBC programmes are broadcast in 12 languages, namely: French, Mauritian Creole, English, Hindi, Urdu, Bhojpuri, Tamil, Telegu, Marathi, Gujrati, Mandarin/ Cantonese and Hakka; it provides 17 television channels in Mauritius, 4 in Rodrigues and 2 in Agaléga and 7 radio channels.

Source: Wikipedia

On 17 June 2015, the MBC switched all of its channels from analogue mode ("mode analogique" in French) to digital mode ("mode numérique" in French).

Leaflet in Mauritian Creole and in French on how to switch from analogue to digital

The website of the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation:

Technical Details

Release date: 8 June 2014
Stamp: Rs6 - Wind Energy (Maurice Ile Durable)
            From the 'Anniversaries & Events' issue of 30 May 2013

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