Sunday, April 1, 2012

Large Indian Civet in Singapore

Singapore Post issued a set of 14 definitive stamps on the Fauna and Flora of Singapore on June 7, 2007.  The denominations range from 5 cents to $10.  The $1,10 stamp, which is affixed on the cover above posted from Rochor Road Post Office, depicts the Large Indian Civet.

The Large Indian Civet (Viverra zibetha) is a grizzled greyish brown mammal native to Southeast Asia.  The species is classified as Near Threatened, mainly because of the known heavy trade as wild meat.  They are nocturnal and solitary beings.  In essence, Large Indian Civets are terrestrial, yet they could climb as well.  One marks his own place via the gland secretions, and this is not just for "territorial purposes", but as a simple means of identification of the place.  It produces a substance called 'civet', which is used commercially in perfumes.

Mailing date: 29 December 2011
Delivery date: 10 January 2012

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