Sunday, February 20, 2011

Craft in Algeria

Algérie Poste issued this set of 3 stamps on Algerian Craft on November 28. 2010.  The stamps, designed by S. A. Bentounes, represent the:

Candle Holder (15,00 DA)
It is a candle holder in pottery from the region of Kabylia, made from clay.  It is particularly used in some Kabyle villages by brides during the wedding night.

Quanoun (20,00 DA)
The quanoun is a musical instrument made of wood and which includes sculptures and decoration.  The traditional North African quanoun has 17 maqamat (notes) for 51 strings.

Leather Tuareg Box (30,00 DA)
The Tuareg box is covered with natural leather and is carved with geometric patterns that reflect the Tuareg art.  It is usually used by the Tuareg girl to keep valuables.

Thank you very much Omar for this FDC, sent on January 09, 2011 from Imama.  

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